Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rocky Patel-Patel Bros.

Brand: Rocky Patel
Blend: Patel Bros
Vitola: Toro (6.5x52)
Paired with: Mug Root Beer
TV/Movie/Other: Family Guy
Smoked at: My driveway

First things first, the damage report: at the foot of this stick, the wrapper was slightly peeled. Now, on to the review. This cigar is a quite dark maduro, and has good weight to it. I didn't notice any soft spots, so I cut the end with my double blade guillotine cutter and took a dry draw. Didn't get too much off of the cold puff, but the draw was a bit tight. The smoke production upon lighting was medium, and at the start there were solid oaky notes. There was also a deep earth type of taste to it, not unpleasant but not something I generally look for in a cigar. The burn was a nightmare at first, canoeing down the side of the cigar. I let it go to see if the burn would right itself, and it slowly started to self-correct. About an inch down the cigar, a deep and dark pepper undertone showed up which I thoroughly enjoyed, along with a nice leathery flavour.

The ash hung on for about an inch and a half before falling, which wasn't bad at all. About that time, a sweetness began to appear in the finish, which was very nice. The spice began to creep up as well. The burn was nice and even at this point, but another crack/peel appeared in the wrapper. Damn USPS. It didn't touch the binder, so the draw was still good. Speaking of which, the draw had opened up nicely by this point.

Once I passed the broken wrapper, guess what? Another break. At least it didn't effect the draw. The spice has remained through this point, and the earth is gone. The cigar's flavours stayed consistent until about 2 inches from the end, at which point they began to get bitter, and I put it down to die at that point.

Final verdict: LOOOOTS of wrapper problems, fairly good flavours, not too complex. Decent ash and a tight draw. 74/100