Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5 Vegas-Classic

Brand-5 Vegas
Vitola-Torpedo (6x54)
Paired with-Minute Made Lemonade
TV/Movie/other-Family Guy

I bought this cigar off of Cigars International's MMAO program. It had been sitting in my humidor for about 2 weeks before I smoked it. It is a very pointy torpedo, and I chose to cut it with my V-cutter. Immediately after lighting, my palate was greeted with very prominent oaky overtones and creamy, latte like undertones. The burn at this point is a touch jaggy, but fairly straight otherwise. One thing came across immediately: this thing is a smoke bomb. There was an immense amount of smoke from this cigar, and I like that in a smoke. Upon retrohaling, there is a very slight hint of pepper.

About an inch in, I had to correct the burn a little bit with my dual torch lighter. The coffee flavours have vanished in favour of a leathery tone. The ash was still hanging on at about an inch and half, and it was a medium gray colour and flaky. Tastewise, the cigar has remained fairly the same, with the addition of some spice and a little bitterness. At about an inch and a half, the taste got very bitter, and I had to put if out.

Final verdict: oaky overtones and coffee flavours, a medium body, and a creamy finish. A couple burn issues and a bitter end darken the overall experience. Not a bad cigar overall. 81/100

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