Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quesada-Seleccion Espana

Blend-Seleccion Espana
Vitola-Corona (5.5x42)
Paired with-Barq's Root Beer

Once again, I received this cigar in a trade with one of my fellow Redditors. It has a medium tan wrapper, and comes bound in a cool looking wrapper. The gold leaf center was a nice addition. It sat in my humidor for about a month and a half. I chose to cut this cigar with my trusty v-cutter. Upon lighting with my single torch lighter, my palate was met with peppery sweet overtones with a cedar undertone. The burn was quite wiggly at the start. The ash was a dirty gray, and was not flaky in nature. About a half an inch in, a slightly weird but refreshing taste of citrus (orange?) creeped in.

About an inch in, the burn was still wiggly, but not bad enough to warrant torch intervention. Woodier notes began to emerge and the ash seemed to still be holding strong; I was wrong on that last part though, because it fell off about 3 minutes later. The medium body really began to shine through in this part of the cigar, and the cedar begins to really shine through as well. The burn evened out, and the citrus notes made a return for a few puffs. The pepper was still there, though it was dulled quite a bit. At this point, it went out, and required a relight. Afterwards, there were some very tasty notes of oak mixed in with the cedar.

The burn, at about 2.5 inches in, had gone fairly caddywompus on me, but I waited and sure enough, it evened out. The peppery notes were hanging on, and the whole cigar in general had smoothed out and become more mellow. The ash had darkened and become a bit flaky; however, it hung on a lot better than before. Towards the 1.5 inch remaining mark, it began to get bitter, and I put it out at that point.

Final verdict: cedar and pepper notes, with a sweetness that coats the palate. Bitter end, and a few burn problems. Overall, not too bad. 80/100

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