Sunday, July 29, 2012


Vitola-Belicioso (7x56)
Paired with-Coke Cherry

I received this cigar in a trade with one of my fellow Redditors, and it was sitting in my humidor for about 2 weeks before I smoked it. It has a jet black maduro wrapper and is a quite chunky 7x56 torpedo. Pre-light smells were oak and chocolate. Those same flavours are present upon first light, with a slight spice as well. After a few draws, the spice is still there, but there is a very predominant coffee aftertaste. Burn is fairly consistent as well. The ash was a fairly light gray colour, and held on for about an inch and a quarter before falling off. Right into my lap. 

The chocolate flavours came back at the end of the first third, as well as a pleasant earthiness. The burn was still very straight. By the halfway point, this thing had turned into a smoke bomb. Smoke all over the place, and it had a very nice smell to, smelling sweet and woody. A slight sweetness had also creeped into the taste as well. The oaky flavours were still there but fading, revealing the chocolate flavours and spice beneath. Overall, the taste stayed consistent from the 1/3 point through the halfway point.

A little bit after the halfway point, the sweetness disappeared, and the burn went a bit odd on me. The oaky flavours returned and stayed there, along with the spice and a new leatheriness. Eventually, with about 1.5 smokable inches left, a bitterness began to emerge, and I put it out at that point.

Final verdict-heavy, full bodied smoke. Oak and chocolate notes with a sweetness in the second third. Very solid burn for the most part with a slight bitterness at the very end. Great smoke. 91/100

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