Friday, August 10, 2012

Rocky Patel-15th Anniversary

Brand-Rocky Patel
Blend-15th Anniversary
Vitola-Robusto Box Press (5x50)
Paired with-water
TV/Movie/other-an awesome thunderstorm

I received this cigar with my new humidor. The previous owner, a Redditor like myself, had had the stick sitting in his humidor for quite a while. I left it in my humidor for about 2 weeks before I smoked it. It had a dark brown wrapper with only one vein that I could see. I lit this cigar with stick matches after cutting it with my V-cutter, and was immediately greeted by a spiciness that was not unlike Rocky Patel's low end stick, The Edge. The burn was nice and straight, which was pleasing, considering the last few cigars I've smoked have had burn issues. About half an inch in, woody overtones (oak perhaps) kicked my palate in the face, so to speak, as they were quite prominent.

After about an inch, however, the burn began to go wiggly on me. I let it alone, and it evened out. I had been sitting since light up, and when I stood up, I realized the strength of this cigar, or rather the nicotine content. It made me a little bit lightheaded. The cigar had not evolved very much since first light, which was disappointing. The wood flavours began to creep up on the spiciness, and that in and of itself had become a peppery spice, something that I do not like. The burn began to grow more and more jagged, and eventually it canoed on me. I had to fix that with a match or two. However, by this point I had about 2 inches left on the cigar, and the spiciness had returned in full force, getting stronger and stronger by the puff. I had to put it out because of this.

Final verdict-medium body cigar with lots of nicotine. Buzz factor: 6. Woody, spicy, peppery. Not much evolution throughout the cigar. Quite a few burn issues. 72/100

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