Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mini-review-Joya de Nicaragua-Antano Dark Corojo

Brand-Joya de Nicaragua
Blend-Antano Dark Corojo
Vitola-Niveladora (6x52 box press)
Paired with-Coke

I received this cigar in a bomb from a fellow Redditor. It has an oily dark wrapper, and it is firm to the touch.   I cut this cigar with my V-cutter, and was not met with any immediate tastes upon a prelight draw. Upon lighting, the stick doesn't put off too much smoke, and the draw is fairly tight. Hints of earth mingle with the spicy pepper flavours at the very start. The burn is a bit off kilter at the beginning, but I let it be, and sure enough, it evened out.

About an inch or so in, cedar overtones kicked into gear. The burn is still fairly consistent, and the smoke output has increased slightly. Throughout the next third of this cigar, the flavours did not change at all, which was a major disappointment, as I had heard some good things about it. Around 2.5 inches left of the cigar, the burn went way off on me. After I fixed the burn, the flavours took a turn for the better, as sweet cocoa notes popped up. I had been on the verge of tossing it, but I kept it for a while longer. Soon after, however, the burn started to go awry as well as the smoke began to get bitter, so I put it out.

No picture with this one because my camera decided to be derp.

Final verdict: earthy, spicy, and sweet cocoa at the end. Quite a few burn issues, tight draw, and a bitter end. Overall, not worth the money one might pay for this stick. 65/100

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