Friday, August 17, 2012

Liga Privada-Undercrown (Stream of Consciousness Review)

For this review (which I will be doing a normal one later on), I'll be doing more of a stream of consciousness/poetic review rather than a true structure.

The night is cooler than normal for August. I sit out on my front porch writing this as I cut my Liga Privada Undercrown (Toro) with my Craftman's Bench V-cutter. Heh, Craftman's Bench. Reminds me of the crafting  bench in Minecraft. I pick up my box of matches that has a swordfish on the side, and proceed to toast the foot. Even before lighting, this thing is starting to smoke a bit. God, I already know I'm going to end up with a smoke bomb, and the first draw on this sucker confirms it. Smoke to the left of me, smoke to the right of me, smoke in front of me, wavered and wafted. See what I did there?

The strength seems to be hovering at medium right now for me. I'll see what it does-OH GOD eye seeking smoke. Pleasant woody flavours are intertwining with slightly spicy nuances. Y'know, for being a so-called "scrap cigar", these things are actually quite good. A bit overpriced, yes. The night is beautiful, and I'm glad I can enjoy it with a cigar like this. Crickets chirping, the occasional cicada, and that stupid neighbor kid driving up and down the street in his new car. All quips aside, the Undercrown is progressing just like I thought it would: getting stronger and spicier. I retrohale, smoke billowing out my nostrils, and I'm instantly hit with dark chocolate notes. Never had that in a Crown before.

Wind is picking up just a touch. All my smoke is going to my right now. The burn is also going a little catawampus on me. Heh. I like that word. It's so Southern, y'know? You don't really hear it anywhere else. Time to break out the matches again, methinks. There we go, and ahh damn, the ash is all over the keyboard. That's a downer. Speaking of which, I really need to get my hands on some Glenlivet 18. Time to put on some tunes for this smoke. Definitely feeling some Linkin Park. One note about the band: it's pretty. No, it's not an Opus X band, but for being so simplistic, it's quite neat, with the gold and blue Liga Privada emblem and the backwards and forwards Undercrown.

About a third of the way through at this point; I am a very slow smoker. The smoke bomb effect is still there, and I'm lovin' it, ba-da-ba-ba-ba. The burn is even at this point, and the flavours are fairly constant. Doing some business while smoking; killing 2 birds with one stone. Except the cigar isn't exactly a stone to kill. Anywho, let's check the nicotine levels on this sucker. After standing up and being a little lightheaded, this is still a medium strength cigar. Getting down to the last third of this stogie, and I have to say I enjoyed it. Let's see what it does with the last 2 inches. Gradually getting stronger, and spicier as well. Think it's time to get rid of this one.

*le toss*

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