Thursday, August 16, 2012

La Flor Dominicana-Airbender

Brand: La Flor Dominicana
Blend: Airbender
Vitola: Valiente (6.25x60)
Paired with: IBC Root Beer
TV/Movie/Other: Reddit and Mythbusters

I bought this cigar at my local B&M, City Cigar Co. The first thing to note is that this cigar has some heft to it. It was a 60 ring gauge, and the medium tan wrapper had a couple smaller veins, but was fairly smooth overall. I cut it with my V-cutter, and then took a prelight draw. This cigar started off in a way no other cigar I've smoked has: with cocoa notes. That was an immediate boost for this smoke. After lighting, very woody tones met my palate. The burn was fairly even, and there was a good deal of smoke.

About an inch or so in, the cocoa made a slight comeback. The burn was still fairly even. The ash was a medium gray colour and a little bit flaky. A sweetness creeped into the smoke, and it was difficult to place exactly what it was. The ash on this cigar was amazing, lasting on the cigar for well over an inch and a half. The woodiness remained, and while there was not too much complexity in the smoke, it was smooth enough to let me enjoy it.

The last third of the cigar followed in the path of the first third. Cocoa note hidden amongst woody overtones; however, the burn on the last third was quite weird. It did not canoe on me, but it was very wiggly. With about an inch and a half remaining, the smoke began to get hot, and I put it out at that point.

Final verdict: medium/medium full bodied smoke, cocoa notes hidden under pronounced woody notes with a slight sweetness. Not very complex, but a nice smoke all in all. 83/100

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