Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hoyo De Monterrey-Dark Sumatra

Brand-Hoyo De Monterrey
Blend-Dark Sumatra
Vitola-Espresso (4.5x50)
Paired With-Coke
TV/Movie-The Detonators

I received this cigar in a trade with one of my fellow Redditors. It came wrapped in a cedar spill, which was a very nice touch and one of my favourite additions to a cigar. It had been aging in my humidor for about a month and a half. I chose to cut this cigar with my standard V-Cutter. Upon lighting, an immediate spice met my palate, which fade after a few draws into heavy wood overtones.

The burn got a bit off kilter at the very beginning, but after about half an inch, it was as straight as a razor. The ash was a medium gray. A gripe that I had about this smoke was that it did not give off  a lot of smoke, but that did not ruin the experience for me. After about an inch, new hints of cocoa and sweet cinnamon come into play, which are very enjoyable. There is still a very solid taste of cedar, but it is not overpowering.

The ash was still holding on throughout the 1.5 inch mark. The spice returns for the second third, something I was not expecting. Right after I tasted that, the ash fell; it hung on for longer than I thought it would. Espresso hints creep into the stick as well. The burn started to be a little cockeyed as well, but nothing too bad, as it kept correcting itself. Cocoa flavours get much stronger towards the nub. An inch left on this cigar, it starts to burn a touch hot. I put it out at that point.

Final verdict: some tasty cocoa notes, with very prominent wood and cedar notes. A few burn issues, but nothing to be too concerned about. All and all, a fairly good cigar. 85/100

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